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Grupo Nacional de Chocolates S.A. going forward, will be Grupo Nutresa S.A.

  • As a group, we are more than chocolates; we participate in six food categories: Cold Cuts, Biscuits, Chocolates, Coffee, Ice Cream and Pasta.  Our previous name limited our recognition in the market and the general public, naming only one of our categories.
  • We want to avoid confusión between the parent comany and one of its subsidiaries; Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, will not change its name.
  • The entities that perform transversal tasks will also take on the Nutresa name: Cordialsa Colombia, will be called Comercial Nutresa; Servicios Nacional de Chocolates will be Servicios Nutresa; and Fundación Grupo Nacional de Chocolates will be Fundación Grupo Nutresa.
  • The rest of the companies in the Group, in Colombia and in the Region, will continue with their current names.  Our brands will remain intact.

Medellin – March 31 2011. From now on we will be Grupo Nutresa, a name that expresses what we are and what we do, a food group with participation in six lines of business: Cold Cuts, Biscuits, Chocolates, Coffee, Ice Cream and Pasta, made up of 44 companies with direct presence in 12 countries in America and exports to 74 countries in the world.

“We chose Nutresa because it allows us to position the organization clearly and distinctively according to what we are and what we do.  It’s a name directly associated with nutrition and it’s inclusive of all the categories in which we participate.  It’s a name for the future; it’s alligned with industry trends and with our objectives” expressed Carlos Enrique Piedrahita, Grupo Nutresa’s CEO.

The name was chosen out of a base of 64 options through a profesional process that included interviews and research.  There was a thorough process of elimination to finally reach the one that best represents us.

We are oriented to providing reliable nutritious solutions for the future through a constant bet on innovation and entrepreneurship, which traduce into a committed, progressive, socially responsible group.

A group in permanent evolution

Our 2005-2015 multilatina vision establishes that together we will triple our food business, providing quality of life to the consumer with products that satisfy his aspirations of wellbeing, nutrition and pleasure.

Performance figures

The Group’s size, growth and internationalization, are clearly reflected in the evolution of its key figures between 2000 and 2010:

Indicator 2000 2010 CAGR Grow Factor
Total sales 650.672 4.458.858 21,22% 6,9
International sales 45 645 30,51% 14,3
EBITDA 59.180 538.166 24,70% 9,1
Market cap. 467.959 11.791.846 38,08% 25,2

figures in millions of pesos except international sales in millions of dollars

Growth and projection

The change in the name does not implicate any modification in the current business strategy.  We will continue our work to develop and consolidate the markets in the strategic region, integrated by the Andean countries, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States, in which we reach more than 450.000 clients through our own distribution network.


Grupo Nutresa maintains the same operating structure of six business units: Cold Cuts, Biscuits, Chocolates, Coffee, Ice Cream and Pasta, its sales and distribution networks in Colombia and abroad, its shared services center and its non-for-profit organization.

Entities that change name

The entities that perform transversal tasks will also take on the Nutresa name:

Cordialsa Colombia, the unified sales and distribution platform for all dry products in Colombia -biscuits, chocolates, coffee and pasta- will be called Comercial Nutresa.

Servicios Nacional de Chocolates, the shared services center that provides administrative, financial, legal, sourcing and technology support for the Group’s companies, will be know, from now on, as Servicios Nutresa.

And the Grupo Nacional de Chocolates Foundation, from this day on Grupo Nutresa Foundation, will continue  continuará coordinating social responsibility projects as part of our sustainable development activities.

Our companies and brands will be unchanged

The rest of the subsidiaries will not change name. Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, Noel, Zenú, Colcafé, Doria and Meals de Colombia, as well as the others that compose the business units in Colombia and the region, will retain the names with which they are known today.

Our food portfolio has leading brands with ample recognition and market vale, in Colombia and abroad.  These will remain intact and will continue moving forward in alignment with client needs and consumer trends.

Nutresa: we harvest wellbeing, nutrition and pleasure.


Press release issued by the CEO’s office of Grupo Nutresa S.A.

Tel.: +574 325-8711, Medellin, Colombia